The target audience - Moody. On the move. And invariably mysterious.


The audience can remain glued to their seats for minutes - even hours - while watching a well-made documentary. Graphics and special effects will appeal to their senses.


The same audience however will just scan and browse the website content. Paragraphs will be skipped. Narratives will be ignored. Slow loading pages will never be returned to.    


And then again a press advertisement will hold their interest only if it can grab the attention. And then, the communication has to connect. Logically. Emotionally. Any which way. Else - they turn the page.


At Vama, we have inculcated this habit of stepping into your shoes and getting to know your customers better. Delving deeper. Asking questions. Researching key insights. Always.


And we like engrossing challenges. Challenges that tease us to think out-of-the-box. And create simplicity. Across whatever media.


That's our philosophy. That's our work culture

That's the crux of our story!


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